About Rachel Anderson

I’m Rachel Anderson, the founder of Tea & Empathy and a social introvert. For many years I neither understood nor accepted that I was an introvert – to me that implied I was somehow socially inadequate or shy.


It was only after I burned out after 18 years in a corporate role, trying to be something I was not (an extroverted, lead from the front, high energy leader) and began a journey of self-discovery to repair my damaged confidence that I came to understand that my introversion is simply about how I am re-energised – what nourishes me, and what drains me.


I used to be a forester, growing trees, but over the years realised I enjoyed growing people more! So after my mini melt-down I set up my own business, working as an executive and life coach. Ive helped over 600 people one-to-one in the last 10 years and realised in my work just how many secret introverts there are, struggling with shame and doubt that they dont live up to the extroverted leadership ideal that has been erroneously popularised for years. Yet these are wonderful people and leaders, with huge strengths and much needed leadership qualities. And through our work together, once they wholehearted understood and accepted who they were, let go of the worry and doubt and simply focussed on being the best version of themselves, they grew into their full potential with joy and ease. The positive impact on their work, their life and on the people around them was massive. Helping people to Stand Sure and Grow Strong is what gets me up in the morning with a spring in my step and a strong sense of purpose!