Rachel Anderson – Lead Expert Coach

personal life coach - rachel andersonI’m the founder of Tea & Empathy Coaching ; a qualified coach, business woman, wife and Mum to 3. I enjoy the ‘integrated’ life I’ve been able to build for myself over the last 8 years or so and thrive on helping people realise and live their full potential.

I have 18 years of middle and senior management experience in operational management, leisure management, policy and strategy and learning and development. I’ve worked with the public sector, with retail, with small businesses and big multi-nationals alike, coaching individuals at all levels to help them thrive through organisational and cultural change programmes.

Originally, I qualified as a forester and worked as a woodland manager for the Forestry Commission for many years. I managed big operational programmes and teams of people, but gradually over the years realised that although I loved helping trees to grow, my real talent is for helping people to grow!

personal growth and development

On a personal level, I’m married with three young daughters and live near York. Life’s pretty good for me now (thanks to the coaching I’ve had myself) but I have particular empathy with professional women struggling to balance the demands of work and family and with people who struggle with self esteem issues. I enjoy being outdoors, going for walks and pottering in the garden – and I still love trees!

I’m a practical, pragmatic person, affectionately referred to by some of my clients as ‘the wise woman of the woods’! I like to work to demystify coaching, to make it practical and accessible.

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