What I Really Really Want

Like a good entrepreneur, I’ve been spending time working ‘on’ my business, not just ‘in’ my business over the last few weeks, watching webinars, reading books, mindmapping different business models, attending business retreats…and generally overwhelming my brain with other people’s advice, opinions and approaches. I actually started to feel confused, anxious and inadequate. Despite my […]

Freedom from The Tyranny of Duty

As a recovering pleaser, I’ve spent much of my life trying to be a ‘good girl’. Conscientious, hardworking, respectful, putting the needs of others before myself. I’ve tried to do the right thing, step up and take responsibility, be dependent and reliable. And I like to think, by and large, I’ve succeeded. But of late […]

A Blast from the Past to Help Me Face Fear

Funny what we forget. I’ve been trawling through my old blog posts and articles recently as I’m in the process of rebranding and refocussing the work I do in Tea & Empathy. The blog’s been going nearly 3 years now, and with only a handful of exceptions (most due to family bereavement) I’ve managed to […]

Letting Go of The Fantasy

Do you get frustrated that you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve, that your fitness isn’t what it should be, that your boss or partner doesn’t treat you right, that you’ve made some bad choices in the past – in short, that you, other people and circumstances don’t live up to your fantasy of […]

Self Respect – a Different Way to Overcome Procrastination?

I’m a talented and practised procrastinator. Through the years I’ve been through a whole spectrum of emotions and attitudes towards the fact I’m a procrastinator; self loathing, bemusement, resignation, curiosity, disappointment, anger, cheerful acceptance – generally determined by exactly what it is I’m procrastinating about! These different relationships and my exploration around procrastination are reflected […]

Stand Sure, Grow Strong – How to Ease Yourself in to the New Year

There’s so much hype and pressure surrounding the start of a New Year. These last few days I’ve been bombarded with messages about what I should be doing to make 2017 my ‘best ever year in business’, or to ‘finally achieve my ideal body’. The implication implies a race is on, if I don’t take […]

It’s The Simple Things…

My daughter’s laugh A crisp, clear morning The bright eyed robin who follows me round the garden The crown of an oak silhouetted against the sky Waves lapping on a shore My morning cup of tea Fresh linen and my own bed Curling up with a book by an open fire My husband’s arm around […]

Gentle Endings And A Sense Of Renewal

I’m lucky to only have happy associations with Christmas and love this time of family and togetherness. I’m not religious, but I am spiritual. Beyond the hubbub and hype of Christmas day, this time of year always feels very significant to me – especially this week with the winter solstice. Reaching the darkest time, facing […]

Get To The Root to Stand In Your Beauty

I have a very dear friend and colleague with whom I speak every week. She is one of the rocks in my personal support system and I hugely value our reflection and sharing time together. It’s incredible how often there are parallels in our experiences even though we are far apart and very different people. […]

Be Strong, Not Tough

Every now and then in my executive coaching or workshops I hear someone describe some really unpleasant, fear based management practices. And some managers who take this kind of style and approach complain that people are too sensitive and should ‘toughen up’. Now, as you may already know, I take a lot of learning from […]