Gentle Endings And A Sense Of Renewal

Gentle Endings And A Sense Of Renewal

I’m lucky to only have happy associations with Christmas and love this time of family and togetherness.

I’m not religious, but I am spiritual. Beyond the hubbub and hype of Christmas day, this time of year always feels very significant to me – especially this week with the winter solstice.

Reaching the darkest time, facing inwards for reflection, letting go of what no longer serves, and looking ahead to new beginnings and renewal; it feels both necessary and nourishing.

I have learned over recent years to try not to cram too much in to this last week before Christmas and to allow myself some space to honour my need for reflection and planning. It’s the apparent paradox that in slowing down, we achieve more!

I will write in my next post the outcome of my musings – what I will be letting go of, and my intentions for the lighter times to come.

But in the meantime I wish you a very joyful few days, filled with love, gratitude and connection, hope you also find the space to nourish your soul, and reflect on what has been, where you are now and what’s yet to come…

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