The Joy of Full Immersion

The Joy of Full Immersion

Something happened in the night; my subconscious has made a decision and declared “enough’s enough”! I’ve woken today with a craving that’s quietly intense. It’s taken hold deep within and is sitting with quiet insistence. And I surrender, hoping and trusting the space will emerge to meet the demand.

I’m yearning for productivity and some good hard work, but not in a ‘tick it off the list and get lots done’ kind of way. I’m craving the luxury of deeply and thoroughly losing myself in the task and the satisfaction of a job well done. No “it will do”, or “I’ll finish it later”. No breathless multitasking, losing my train of thought and having to start over.

No, I want to tie up the loose ends and have a sense of completion. I want to know I’ve done it properly, so a job stays done. I want the calmness and clarity that comes when I’m in flow, the beautiful interweaving of thoughts and connections happening at depth. The synergy and synchronicity that emerges, time warping and stretching, dancing with the creative energy.

And when I finally emerge back into the here and now, blinking and stretching, I’ll be tired but complete, full of the satisfaction of a job well done.

But first I need a signal, the sign I can begin…I’m waiting for it right now as I type these words…

Yes! At last! The sound of the front door closing as the last of the children leave for school and the house is blissfully my own. Turn off the phone, close all tabs and notifications, and now I begin!

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