Stand Sure, Grow Strong – How to Ease Yourself in to the New Year

Stand Sure, Grow Strong – How to Ease Yourself in to the New Year

There’s so much hype and pressure surrounding the start of a New Year. These last few days I’ve been bombarded with messages about what I should be doing to make 2017 my ‘best ever year in business’, or to ‘finally achieve my ideal body’. The implication implies a race is on, if I don’t take action now then I’m setting myself up for failure, I’ll be left behind. The messages are full of musts, shoulds and have to-s. They fill my inbox with anxiety and fear-driven drivel, piling on guilt for failed intentions of the past and dreams as yet unfulfilled.

But it’s all b*llocks. So I’m just deleting the lot. I already know what I want to do this year, and how I’m going to do it and I don’t need hype-y hassle creating the kind of noise and distraction that gets in the way of me just trusting myself and listening to the calm, quiet voice of wisdom inside. I’ll be easing myself into the New Year after the seasonal festivities, gradually building up sustainable momentum rather than trying to hit the ground at full speed, only to fall over exhausted half way through February!

I’ll be rebranding over the next month or so. My new strapline is Stand Sure, Grow Strong, because I’ve learned that when I have self compassion (Tea & Empathy!), I’m clear on who I am, what I want to stand for, how I want to be in life and business and trust myself rather than overly worrying about what others think, then I’m stronger, happier and more successful. The path ahead is a quiet way, an introverts way – full of compassion, strength, determination, humour and resilience. Slow and steady suits me just fine. I don’t know what 2017 will bring, no-one can know; but I do know that I want to stay true to myself whatever the months ahead may bring. And I also know that the answers aren’t ‘out there’ somewhere – I already have the resources I need to grow the life I want; I simply need to draw on them.

So here’s to our inner resourcefulness and resilience – may you find you have whatever helps you to grow and thrive in 2017.

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