Time to Feel ALIVE Again

Time to Feel ALIVE Again

This evening was rereading some of my blog posts from the last few weeks and was struck by how many times I was reporting I was feeling tired, run down, irritable or even depressed. It was a bit of a wake-up call really.

Overall I feel pretty sound, and there’s really not much at all I would change about my life – in fact I would describe myself as a generally very happy person (and many of the people around me would, and do, as well) – so why do I write so much about being down?

I suppose I’m often seeking to reassure and normalise having what are perceived as more ‘negative’ emotions – they are just part of being human and we all experience them.

But I do wonder if perhaps I’ve been giving just a little too much focus and attention to the darker side of late. I notice I’d like to step into feeling a little lighter, more carefree and generally more alive – and I know just how to do it!

Over the next few days I’m going to be putting the finishing touches to my new online course called the ALIVE programme, and just reconnecting to the content is enough to put a spring back in my step.

I’m going to be sharing some of what’s in it here too, so watch this space if you’d like to rediscover your zest for life too…

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