For Mum: What I Learned From My Mother

For Mum: What I Learned From My Mother

You’re quite a woman and I’m so proud to be your daughter. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned from you:

As a little girl you showed me how to spin a safe, warm cocoon of sleepy love – the magic of stories, the lull of your voice, the comforting rise and fall of your chest as I snuggled against you.

  • You showed me how to reach for the skies, whilst keeping my feet on the ground.
  • You taught me it’s useless to blame – it’s our choices that matter.
  • You showed me how there’s always a way, no matter how hard it seems – you just have to keep looking.
  • I learned we don’t have to be in each others pockets to be a close and loving family
  • You taught me to use my head, but not to forget to listen to my heart as well.
  • You showed me how, when you feel you’ve given it everything and think you’re utterly spent, you can always dig a little deeper.
  • From you and Dad I learned that a happy lasting marriage is so much more than love – friendship and respect allow the love to deepen and mature.
  • I learned we are so lucky with all we have as a family and that we can afford to throw open our hearts to share what we have to give – whether it’s with our friends, with tiny foster babies – or even random tramps on Christmas day!
  • You showed me how to ROAR to protect those you love.
  • And you taught me not to be ashamed of having a good cry. Tears are healing and bring relief – our strength is enhanced, not diminished by them.

All that courage, strength, love… this is just a drop in the vast lake of what you’ve given to me, and I in turn hope to give the same to my daughters.

In this way Mum, I know not only do you live on, but the ripples of your love will go ever wider.

I love you xxxx


For Gloria Anderson (19/8/1936 – 15/10/2014)

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