Our aim:

Quite simply, at Tea & Empathy we want to help facilitate 10,000 thriving lives, and we will do this in three ways:

  • Personal and Business Coaching people 1-1
  • Teaching people skills, giving them models and insights to help them help themselves
  • Living what we coach and teach day to day, being role models in our own lives and capturing the journey

Professional and Personal 1-1 Coaching

achieve personal potential - personal coachingRachel Anderson, professional coach and the founder of Tea & Empathy, can work with you individually to understand the challenges and opportunities you face either in your private life or in the context of work (and often both).

Coaching can help you to unlock potential you never even realised you had, and create lasting, positive life changes so that you can live a more fulfilled and thriving life.

Private coaching enables you to fulfil your potential in life or work. It’s often just small shifts that can have a profound impact on the quality of your life – working 1-1 with a professional, experienced and inspirational coach can help you to:

  • clarify what’s important to you and what you want from life
  • feel inspired and motivated to achieve your aspirations
  • create focussed and practical plans for each step of the journey, making your dream a reality
  • release your full potential by breaking free from the limits of old beliefs about yourself
  • feel energised, confident and in control
  • transform difficult relationships at home, at work, with friends or family

Seminars and Webinars for your Personal & Professional Growth

Using the insights from over 1700 transformative coaching conversations, we have developed Tea & Empathy’s ‘Stand Sure’ System for Personal Growth. This unique model synthethises the key mindset and behavioural changes that lead to a happy, thriving, successful life and career and that make us inspiring, influential leaders.

Our webinars and seminars will teach you the ‘Stand Sure’ model and how to apply it so you can:

  • Be comfortable and confident just being yourself
  • Develop your self awareness to you can better use your strengths and overcome your ‘weaknesses’
  • Give more to others, to help them grow and thrive as well
  • Be open to, and able to make the most of opportunities in your life/career
  • Be more resilient in the face whatever life may throw at you
  • Realise and tap in to the wisdom you already have
  • Be true to yourself and live the best of who you really are
  • Be happy more of the time!

Our webinars and seminars are new, so if you would like to know more, simply sign up for our email updates in the box on the right or get in touch direct.


free coaching tips

Free Resources, Hints and Tips

We will share some of the principles and tips we know have helped our private coaching clients 1-1 through our email updates, along with thoughts and reflections from Rachel (always ensuring our client confidentiality is maintained, of course).

If you sign up we promise we won’t bombard you with sales messages nor clutter your inbox with emails every 5 minutes. Our aim is to add value and build a real relationship to help you live a thriving life.


Live a Thriving Life

Our coach and founder Rachel Anderson blogs about her own ‘thriving life’ here. Her coaching tips blog is very much along the original idea of a ‘web log’, as it documents her own reflections and learnings. We hope that sharing a ‘real’ life, rather than preaching like a guru, will help you in a more grounded way!

We also know there many thousands of you out there seeking and learning about how to live a better life. Over time, and with your help we’d love to build a thriving online community so we can all learn from each other, so watch this space…