Let me guide you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Like a magical monthly subscription box….with my 1:1 support

This is a beautiful, deep and profound inner journey, unfolding month by month. 

Taking you to a place of radical self acceptance;

  • Where you are comfortable in your own skin
  • Where you can access joy in a heartbeat
  • Where you notice and relish feeling alive
  • Where you feel an ease and lightness of being

Sometimes it feels like change is so close we can taste it. Like it’s on the tip of our tongue.

But we find ourselves caught in a frustrating loop, and what we seek continues to elude us.

Sometimes we’re feeling lost, confused, disorientated. All we once believed was true, and certain, seems to be unravelling.

And as the way we make meaning and sense of the world shifts, sometimes we are left no longer quite knowing who we are any more. Yet at some other level, we’re more certain than ever.

We feel full of contradictions, paradox and polarities. How can we be and feel confused AND certain? Lost AND purposeful?

Suddenly the usual approaches to our personal and professional development no longer feel relevant or impactful.

Even coaching just doesn’t seem to hit the spot.

Because it matters less about where we are going, when we realise how little we know about who we are right now.

We need to discover “What’s Inside?”

And that’s not just a cognitive process.

We need to use ALL our senses, metaphor, archetypes and story.


Rachel Anderson coach

So, let me show you how.

This unique magical programme will safely guide your inner journey, and support you as you unfold.

I work with you 1:1 every step of the way, holding a deep, profound, safe space.

Space for you to pause, breathe, reflect, make sense and rise beyond the noise in our heads.

You’ll gain extraordinary new perspective and self discovery.

Our one-to-one space will be where you can bring the entirety of you, and be an integrated whole.

Not split into work, home, partner, parent, colleague, past, future – whatever ‘part’ or labels may apply.

You are not broken and don’t need fixing, but you do need a space of unconditional positive regard and non-judgement in order to be able to look that deeply within.

Change takes time – and we are organic beings, impacted by the seasons and cycles, whether we know it or not.

So this programme lasts for up to a year. Subscribe for just one season (min. 3 months), or let me help you to unfold and grow throughout the full wheel of the year.

Yes, change takes time…but in 12 months you will be amazed how far you’ve come.

Don’t wait any longer – in current times we need to be able to access all our inner resources more than ever. So let’s get started.


Monthly box of wonders

Packed personally for you with care, delivered to your door

Access to unique online resource hub

To accompany your personalised journey, the box and webinars, you’ll also find supporting resources in an online What’s Inside? portal, with your own unique and personal log-in.

Genuine care and personal attention

I limit the numbers on What’s Inside? so I can continue to pack the boxes myself, and give individual support

One-to-one coaching sessions with Rachel

Up to four online sessions in any one month, plus unlimited email support

Two live webinars every month

Join with others on the journey as Rachel gives live insight, support and answers questions 

Access to a private Facebook group

Join our wonderful, supportive community of people, all on a personal development journey. You’ll find Rachel here most days too.


A leadership or personal development book

Selected from Rachel’s library of favourite or most impactful books

Five curious question cards

Designed to make you think differently, or about something you’ve never asked yourself

A Poem

Beautiful words and metaphor to provoke, evoke & transport

A Tea & Empathy Notebook

One of our beautiful notebooks in which to capture your thoughts and reflections. There are 3 designs; we’ll send a different one each month, but if you find you a have a favourite – let us know

A bamboo ballpoint pen

And of course, you need something to write with too

A letter from Rachel

Each month Rachel will introduce the box to you in a personalised, handwritten letter.

A tactile object

Always connected to nature. Something you can touch, feel, notice and explore its significance for you

Something scented

Your box should gently smell intriguing even as you open it. There’s no quicker way to evoke memory and significance than with scent

A Pukka teabag

We are Tea & Empathy, afterall! A different flavour each month to tantalise your taste buds, and reflect the turn of the year

An art postcard

A feast for the eyes, packed with meaning. Unlock what the metaphor may be for you (and only you)

Suggestion for sound

We’ll send a spotify code and put links to suggested song, sound or music in the resource hub each month.


£500 per month

For only £500 per month (min 3 months, exc VAT), you’ll receive the box, both webinars, the online resource hub AND unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions each month.

And ongoing support is available via email or WhatsApp in between our sessions.



£5000 for the whole year

Effectively 12 months for the price of 10 (exc VAT), without losing any of the significance or value.

Here’s a video where I explain a little more, and unpack the box.

It was just something off the cuff for social media, so the production values aren’t as beautiful as the rest of What’s Inside?!


 “Very supportive, with the right pace and able to make a step by step development. A real path of self-discovery supported by a “non-judging” eye, highlighting the small improvement achieved step by step thus motivating me during the process.”

Paola Cucchi


“Astonishing empathy, twinned with superb listening, questioning and coaching mastery. Rachel’s ability to – gently and with great care – challenge, provoke and guide made my coaching experience both deeply helpful and far better than I expected. I would, and will, recommend her very happily.”

David Haines, Chief Talent Officer

A unique experience and very valuable inputs. Rachel condensed “key words” and guidance during our discussions in an amazing way. I felt full openness and trust in her and I’m so grateful for the great experience, inspiration and challenges (in the good way:) The biggest value for me is getting “in peace” with myself, gaining more confidence and harmony/balance for me which I strongly believe will be felt/shared with the team

Zoya Chechulina


“I found the time with Rachel extremely valuable.  It offered me the opportunity to pause, take stock and re-evaluate.  It was also a chance to reflect on the positives, to acknowledge how I had progressed and celebrate my achievements. It has increased my self-awareness, my acceptance of self-worth and has given me tools to reflect on past experiences as well as future visioning to help me shape my personal journey”

Nicola Mayling


“The coaching support Rachel provided has been transformational.  It helped that I was ready for this exploration, however if Rachel had not been so skilful I may not have been so open or noticed so many things.  I quickly trusted her and found my time with her invaluable, insightful and non-judgemental. Having the focus of regular calls worked for me. Rachel was able to tune in and play back effectively.  Things she noticed really helped me and I felt extremely comfortable being completely open with her.”

Clare Murchison


“I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.”

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire

“Looking back from my first session to now there has been a significant shift in; my confidence, ability to be self-aware, motivation to self-reflect and ability to lead.”

Pollie Fottrell

“Self-awareness and self-confidence especially under stress and through difficult times.”

Elise Bioche


“Each time I finished the session either with a new way of thinking/working or more invigorated that I was on the right path. I found the sessions with Rachel to be excellent and would rate Rachel highly as a coach, a great listener, most certainly in the moment with me, very understanding, challenging and very easy to talk to. I completed a lot of personal soul searching and learnt a lot about myself – how I operate, react and function and have made changes that have been of great benefit both in work and my personal life. I believe I now deliver greater value to the conversations I have with my team which in turn has significantly improved their thinking/actions and the overall moral of the group. What I have learned will stay with me forever.”

Helen Devlin


“Being a better leader starts by better understand myself. I found out about my personal engine, motivation and passion which I was not fully aware before. This is helping me now to be better at developing people around me.”

Jean Baptiste Rubens

My coaching with Rachel enabled me to re-discover my inherent strengths that I was able to re-apply during my new challenges.”

Erick M

“The value for me has been around stepping out of the hectic day job to re-evaluate my approach and how I can better work with the business to challenge its ways of working and decision making.  It’s given me more insight into what I bring to the table and how I can utilise this strength more effectively.”

Kate Mills

“Definitely feeling more confident and less stressed”

Julie Corkish

“The coaching programme and Rachel in particular have given me the confidence and self-belief in my abilities.”

Judith Pearce

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