A magical box of wonders – the perfect thoughtful gift.

This beautiful box, hand packed with care, is full of richness and connection. Designed to stimulate every sense, its contents provoke a deep and personal inner journey. It’s a treat for the Soul


A book (**optional extra**)

Selected from Rachel’s library of favourite or most impactful books **Only if you select this Extra Bonus at Checkout**

Five curious question cards

Designed to make you think differently, or about something you’ve never asked yourself. We have 60 different cards in our series – you’ll receive 5 at random

A Poem

Beautiful words and metaphor to provoke, evoke & transport. We have a range of poems we use – you’ll receive one at random

A Tea & Empathy Notebook

One of our beautiful notebooks in which to capture your thoughts and reflections. There are 3 designs; It’s random which you will receive in the box – but the other designs are available from our bookshop

A bamboo ballpoint pen

And of course, you need something to write with too

A letter from Rachel

I will introduce the box to you in a letter

A tactile object

Something connected to nature. Something you can touch, feel, notice and explore its significance for you

Something scented

Your box should gently smell intriguing even as you open it. There’s no quicker way to evoke memory and significance than with scent

A Pukka teabag

We are Tea & Empathy, afterall! A random flavour to tantalise your taste buds, and evoke sensations

An art postcard

A feast for the eyes, packed with meaning. Unlock what the metaphor may be for you (and only you)

Suggestion for sound

We’ll send a Spotify code for you to scan which links to a suggested song, sound or music.



Plus VAT, Plus P&P

UK Only

£50 with bonus book

Plus VAT, Plus P&P
UK Only

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