All my experience as a business leader, coach, forester – and human being, has taught me that we grow and develop best when we are in the right nourishing environment, and learn how to compassionately accept who we are (‘the good, the bad and the ugly’).

Yet so much conventional personal development work inadvertently feeds our sense of inadequacy, frustration and self-criticism.

Yes, striving for goals, challenging ourselves, driving on – it will bring the illusion of success for a while, but one day we wake up and feel like we’ve somehow lost our soul. 

There’s so much I can share that I’ve learned from my own journey from doubt to certainty, confusion to clarity.

And even more that I’ve learned from the incredible clients I’ve worked with. So if this resonates at all, or you are simply curious, let’s have a chat.

Coach, social introvert, mum, wife, business owner, leader…oh, all the labels and identities we can assume, none of which really capture the essence of who we are!

But let me try to give a better sense of me, what I do, and what I stand for. 

It’s been quite a journey to become comfortable in my own (introverted) skin, step into the fullness of who I am and know that I’m enough. I’m proud of the leader and person I’ve grown to be – a few years ago my inner critic and sense of inadequacy would never have allowed me to write those words. But now I feel strongly grounded and accepting of all that I am; the light and the dark. And I love holding the space that allows others to grow into their full, natural selves – with compassion, curiosity and congruence.

Originally, I qualified as a forester and worked as a woodland manager for many years. I managed big operational programmes and teams of people, and gradually over the years realised that although I loved helping trees to grow, my real talent is for helping people to grow (I know, it’s a corny line, but true never-the-less). 

In 2007 that led me to spread my wings, leave the security of employment and establish my own coaching business; private practice and also working as an associate for a bigger global leadership coaching business.

I’ve now coached well over 1000 individuals and teams.

In April 2017 I was asked to join the permanent team at that global business, leading the 90+ strong Coach Community across EMEA; it was such a privilege to work with so many amazing coaches and organisations. That leadership role accelerated my growth and allowed me to ‘walk the talk’, putting into practice everything I’ve learned and supported other leaders and entrepreneurs with other the years.

But I missed the freedom of being my own boss and had less and less opportunity for doing what I do best – creating a powerful, personal developmental space in which my clients naturally grow and transform without hype or forced striving to achieve. Just deep, spacious and soulful work – like a releasing out-breath to counterbalance the clamour of life and work.

So at the start of 2020 it was time to spread my wings again, returning to coaching, offering Tea & Empathy and holding transformative events that are ‘Respite for the Soul’; where busy, stretched leaders are able to breathe out, let go and reclaim the space they need for their own growth.



1:1 intensives to dive really really deep and provoke a more radical shift. In person only. Powerful as a stand-alone, or combined with ongoing coaching for a truly profound and liberating growth experience


1:1 Coaching Available virtually, or in person at my North Yorkshire Home Office. Adhoc sessions, or an ongoing support package of 6.


Safe, spacious and intimate. Work with no more than 8 like-minded people over 2 days in a beautiful North Yorkshire countryside setting. Breathe out, let go, be you.


“Astonishing empathy, twinned with superb listening, questioning and coaching mastery. Rachel’s ability to – gently and with great care – challenge, provoke and guide made my coaching experience both deeply helpful and far better than I expected. I would, and will, recommend her very happily.”

David Haines, Chief Talent Officer

“I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.”

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire