Tea & Empathy Services


The Alive Programme


A gorgeous, online, self-led, interactive and multi-media programme takes you on a development journey over 11 wisdom packed modules. This is a potent distillation of all the learning that took me from burn out, to loving life and liking self once more.

What's Inside

A magical monthly subscription box…that’s SO much more than a box

Designed to stimulate every sense, this reflective journalling box’s contents provoke a deep and personal inner journey. If you're ready to take your journey to radical self-acceptance to the next level with an innovative approach, What's Inside is for you. It's also the perfect thoughtful gift!

The Heart of Growth online resource hub


Subscribe to our online resource hub membership, packed full of videos, mini-courses, tools, audios, tips and techniques to fuel your personal growth. Here you will find something to meet you where you're at.  And we're constantly uploading new resources too.

1:1 Coaching

A safe space where you can bring the real you in all the complexity if life

1:1 support for those who are ready to ditch the quick fixes, and embark on a deep transformational journey of personal growth. Available as adhoc sessions, or an ongoing support package of 6. Book a call with Rachel to see if 1:1 coaching might be for you.

Want to know where you are on Your Journey to Radical Self-Acceptance?

Your Journey to Radical Self-Acceptance scorecard + report

Answer 15 questions and get a FREE comprehensive report with personalised tips for your personal growth journey, journalling prompts and access to the “Your Journey to Radical Self-Acceptance” masterclass recording.

Rachel Anderson

Leadership & Executive support
Much more than coaching

1:1 support for senior leaders who want to make a difference.

You’ve had plenty of leadership and development training; maybe also had some coaching, and read a ton of leadership books…but nothing seems to hit the spot anymore, or deliver the results.

You are outwardly successful – a high achiever. But there’s this yearning…

And the more senior you’ve become, the more isolated you are; it’s harder to find those safe, impartial spaces to be both challenged and championed.

If we work together, I’ll slow you down to help you go fast. We’ll uncover the unconscious beliefs and assumptions in your way, transforming not just what you DO, but your whole way of BEING.

You’ll become grounded and at ease in yourself; you’ll laugh more, have stronger relationships, perspective, greater capacity and ease at work.

Your ‘presence’ will grow, and people find you more and more inspiring as life and work feel like an adventure again, to be relished and enjoyed.

You’ll see tangible results – increased revenue, productivity and profit.

Book a call through the link below or check my other resources to see how I can support you.


“Where ever you are in life, flying and wanting to move up or lost in the doldrums Rachel can support you. She has the talent and tools to help you unlock the next steps in your unique journey. Being ourselves we can’t see what’s obvious, our patterns, but Rachel can and will help you see what’s going on, so you can get yourself where you want to go.”

Sarah Nicholson

“Astonishing empathy, twinned with superb listening, questioning and coaching mastery. Rachel’s ability to – gently and with great care – challenge, provoke and guide made my coaching experience both deeply helpful and far better than I expected. I would, and will, recommend her very happily.”

David Haines, Chief Talent Officer

“I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.”

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire

“Rachel does more than coach. Her strong sense of compassion and understanding perfectly complements her business acumen. Her ability to challenge & guide me through challenging situations has been invaluable.”

Charlie Weijer, Vice President of Global Sales at Sastrify

“If you’re looking for a cookie cutter executive coach, keep moving. Rachel is not by the book. This is a different level of executive support and by ‘holding a space’ for her clients, she allows you to play with ideas and decisions in a safe, sandbox-type environment.”

Richard McGuinness, Vice President of Sales EMEA at ClickUp

“Rachel’s ability to ask all the right questions, combined with her emphatic nature and extensive knowledge, makes working with her a joy as well as a revelation. Working with Rachel has given me a new perspective on my career, and changed for the better the way I approach my whole life.”

Gareth Griffiths

“Rachel coached me for a year, throughout which she helped me see beyond my own barriers, understand my potential and guided me to know how to act upon it. Her empathetic nature and great knowledge of human nature and motivation helped me build my own frameworks that will sustain my personal and professional growth in the future.”

Bruno Issa, Marketing & Sales specialist

“Rachel has great listening skills, and is able to get right to the nub of the issue quickly. This has enabled me to get great value from the 3 sessions that we set up. Each one had real value and for different reasons. I have found a deeper level of understanding about how I can maximise my strengths and move forward in a way that is authentic for me.”

Katherine Morgan