1:1 intensives to dive really really deep and provoke a more radical shift. In person only. Powerful as a stand-alone, or combined with ongoing coaching for a truly profound and liberating growth experience


1:1 Coaching Available virtually, or in person at my North Yorkshire Home Office. Adhoc sessions, or an ongoing support package of 6.


Safe, spacious and intimate. Work with no more than 8 like-minded people over 2 days in a beautiful North Yorkshire countryside setting. Breathe out, let go, be you.


Sometimes it feels like change is so close we can taste it – like it’s on the tip of our tongue.

But we’re caught in a frustrating loop, and it remains elusive.

Sometimes we’re lost, confused, disorientated, as the way we make meaning of the world, and all the things we once believed as certainties seem to be unravelling.

We no longer quite know who we are, or who we are meant to be…yet at some other level we’re more certain than ever.

We seem to be full of contradictions and paradox – polarities that are an ‘and’ not an ‘or’.

In our 1:1 in-person intensives I’m able to give you quality, undivided attention – to see, hear and feel where you are with your journey.

In the safe spacious ‘container’ of our time together you’ll be able to explore, orientate, and connect with yourself at the very deepest level.

It is entirely bespoke – no two people will experience the same 1:1 intensive, because we co-create our time together, so you leave replenished, resourced and like you have enough of a map to be able to successfully navigate the next phase of your personal development journey. Powerful as a stand alone experience, but profound when combined with ongoing coaching too.

Book a call to speak with me (without obligation) to understand more about how the intensives work.


In all the busy-ness of business, the demands of leadership and complexity of life, we need small oasis moments; the space to pause, breathe, reflect, make sense and rise beyond the noise in our heads.

And, you can’t see the end of your nose, or the back of your head without a mirror. And that’s what good coaching is – a mirror to help you see and understand, and have new perspective.

You might just need a one-off session to work through a particular situation. Or, more powerfully a full journey of 6 sessions over 6 months to allow you to go deeper, and build a profound new perspective and self discovery.

And I have no agenda, other than holding deep, safe space for you and your development.

Coaching is often the one place where you can bring the entirety of you – where you can be be an integrated whole, not split into work, home, partner, parent, colleague, past, future – whatever ‘part’ or labels may apply.

You are not broken and don’t need fixing, but you do need a space of unconditional positive regard and non-judgement in order to be able to bring the real you.

I’m a professionally qualified coach, and adhere to the ICF code of ethics. I’ve coached over a thousand people 1:1 now.

Check out my testimonials (both here on the website, and on LinkedIn) to have the sense of the impact I’ve had on my clients.

There are gazillions of coaches out there now. It can feel a minefield to know who to choose, so trust your gut!

And book a call to speak with me and see if we connect.


It can feel lonely when we’re on a soulful development journey.

And our busy lives can be distracting and intrusive – we’re just not able to get to the depth of realisation or insight we’d like in our day to day.

I work with small groups of people, all in a similar place of development in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside, creating the space and ‘respite for the soul’ that opens the door for magical transformation to happen.

There’s something that happens in the shared energy of a small group, when a safe and trusting environment has been created, that’s actually quite hard to describe without it sounding more woo-woo than I’d like!

‘Retreat’ is a world that’s bandied around too lightly for my liking these days, but this truly is – a retreat and respite where all the ‘should’s ‘musts’, striving, and frustrations fall away to reveal your natural self and allow real growth to happen.


“Astonishing empathy, twinned with superb listening, questioning and coaching mastery. Rachel’s ability to – gently and with great care – challenge, provoke and guide made my coaching experience both deeply helpful and far better than I expected. I would, and will, recommend her very happily.”

David Haines, Chief Talent Officer

“I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.”

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire