Time to MOVE!

by | 10 Nov 2015 | Coaching

Blah! All this self-development work I’ve been doing of late has been very insightful, revealing, uncomfortable, beneficial etc, but I feel drained right now – a bit sick of the sound of my own navel gazing and analysis.

I’ve got stuck in an intellectual and emotional vortex and everything physical has gone to pot.

Little or no exercise, food grabbed on the go with no thought or preparation, too many hours sat on my backside, inside, reading, studying, coaching, writing.

Time to rebalance and send a blast of cold fresh air through the fug of my current way of being.

I don’t want to exercise – I can feel myself resisting. It’s too much effort, it’s too cold, I’ve no time, too much else to do – all the excuses are clamouring at the tip of my tongue.

But another part of me is bellowing “ENOUGH! Time to buckle down and move your ar$e Rachel, you KNOW it will make you feel tons better”. The same part is saying “and look at all the rubbish you’re putting inside your poor body too Rachel, no wonder you’re feeling flat and drained”.

SO (monumental effort to stir myself and shift my frame of mind), I’ve rejigged my diary for the next 2 weeks marking “Exercise” in big letters in the gaps. I’ve shifted my laptop back to where I have to work standing up. I’ll rekindle my habit of walking the long way back from the school run. I’m back to drinking lots of hot water through the day.

The better diet part I’ll phase in once I’m moving – better to focus on one area for now.

And I’ve signed up to Movember MOVE to help keep it front of mind and give me a sense of purpose while I regather momentum.

I know longer term I want something more sustainable than a well-intentioned ‘blitz’, but right now I’m happy to shift my mind/body/emotion balance to compensate for a period of physical neglect!

Ooh, I’m feeling better already…(shutting down laptop and putting on some loud music to dance around the house to).


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