How to Find the Answers You Seek

by | 25 May 2015 | Coaching

I believe that, at some level, we all intuitively know the answers we seek are not ‘out there’, but really lie locked deep within ourselves – layer upon layer, chamber after chamber of deeper understanding and insight.

Instead, what we are truly hunting for as we scour the self-help bookshelves, prolific ‘how to’ advice, and take course after course, are the right keys to unlock that inner knowledge and wisdom. And when we stumble upon each key, and open each door, a neurological re-wiring of our understanding of reality occurs – an ‘aha’.

We seek an external expression and reflection of what is hidden inside which reveals, reassures and validates.

Oh, so it’s not just me that feels and knows that to be true”, creating a connection and shared understanding beyond ourselves.

It’s not ‘new’ knowledge, although we may not have had conscious awareness of it before; when we read it, hear it, see it we instinctively know it to be right. We’ve found the right framing, the right representation or metaphor for our inner ‘truth’.

This metaphor can help us to make sense of or translate our innate wisdom so that our conscious mind can grasp it, share it, build on it and thus make even more new connections.

So keep ‘trying on’ different views, read new books, link different concepts, taking what ‘feels’ right, and leaving (respectfully) the rest because in that way you’ll gradually be able piece together your own unique ‘map’ of your inner unconscious wisdom.

For me it’s been nature so often that has provided the metaphors and keys that unlock ‘my truth’ – I wonder what metaphors and representations have worked for you?


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