Let Go of the Old to Make Way for the New…

by | 24 Dec 2015 | Business news, Coaching

We all have things we want to change, improve, transform (well, I certainly do and so does everyone I talk to!).

But it can feel overwhelming and like we don’t have the time, or energy to make the changes we want.

Often it’s because we try to tack on the new habits or changes without any real preparation, so they just don’t ‘stick’. They fail as soon as our initial burst of enthusiasm or energy fades, or we hit a particularly busy period – life just gets in the way.

I’ve some particularly big changes I want to bring about next year, but I’ve realized before I even begin them, there are things I need to let go of now in order to make space for the ‘new ways’.

Some of these things are hard to let go of. I’m talking about habits, beliefs, stories I’ve created about myself and others. They’ve been familiar companions in my life for a long long time; some have been tightly woven with my sense of identity.

But they’ve served their purpose and it’s time to let go – that brings sadness; grief even. It’s an appropriate time of year (the winter solstice is today when I’m writing this) – we can learn much from the cycles of nature.

We are not linear beings or machines. We are human and organic. We can’t take on more and more. We need rest, we need recovery, we need the death of the old to enable new fresh energy to emerge again.

What might you need to let go of, before you can bring in the new?


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