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by | 25 Aug 2014 | Coaching

I’d love to run something past you and get your comments.

You may or may not know that my previous career was in forestry, and I’ve always had a lot of admiration for trees – I believe we can learn a lot from them!

In fact, understanding a tree as a metaphor for my own personal growth has been instrumental in me having gone from a place of burn-out, stress and deep unhappiness 8 years ago to the happy, contented as thriving life I have now.

I’ve been wondering how to capture that metaphor in a way I can share with others and whether it makes sense to anyone but myself, so let me introduce you to my emergent ‘Stand Sure’ system for personal growth!

Picture a young strong Oak tree – in its canopy is GROWTH (the output):

Giving to others

And the tree is rooted in, and draws upon the BASICS (the input):

Attention (where you place it)
Support (systems, relationships, environment etc)

And what allows the system to flow, so what’s drawn up from the roots to the canopy and fed back down from the canopy to the roots is what’s in the trunk of this OAK TREE:


Truth telling (to self)
Reason why

Obviously each of the words in the acronym need expansion and explanation, and I need to get some decent graphics, but I’m curious to know what you think of the outline…?


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