If You Go Down the Woods… Is There a Secret to Have a Happy Life?

by | 7 Apr 2014 | Coaching

Well, I certainly got a big surprise!

It was a walk in the woods over 7 years ago, after the doctor had signed me off work with stress, that was the starting point for me completely turning my life around. I was at such a low, feeling unhappy and worthless; not knowing what I wanted, only that I didn’t want to be like I was right then.

I felt I didn’t even really know WHO I was any more by then. Somehow, over the years of juggling career and kids I’d just got lost.

And the irony was, given that I worked in Forestry, that it was a tree that gave me the answers I needed.

The ‘secrets’ to a happy life were there under my nose all along!

I suddenly realised that I knew far more than I thought about growth and creating an environment to thrive in, I’d just been applying those principles to trees (and to other people) rather than to myself.

I won’t claim it was an overnight turnaround, from burn out to a thriving contented life.

And I won’t claim my life now is always perfect, or that I’m all ‘sorted’. I’m no guru. But I’ve learned some powerful wisdom by thinking of a tree as a metaphor for the person I want to be (and not in some ‘woo woo’ hippy way, that’s not quite my style).

Over the coming weeks, as this blog evolves, I hope to share some of what I’ve learned, but in the meantime next time you see a tree you admire, take a good hard look at it. What do you notice? See if you can guess what I learned….

 Floral tree beautiful


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