What does a life coach do? Revealing What's Already There…

by | 17 Sep 2014 | Coaching

Over the years I’ve been asked many times “yes, but what do you actually do as a coach?”

I’m not sure I’ve ever perfected a succinct way of capturing an adequate reply.

Sometimes I’ll explain it’s about helping people to get out of their own way, and step into the fullness of who they really are and the potential they have.

Sometimes I’ll explain how using a coach is like seeing yourself in the mirror – after all, because you are ‘in’ your own body or your own stuff it’s hard to see the end of your nose, or the back of your head without a mirror reflected back objectively what is there.

Recently I’m coming to an understanding, through my own journey as well as those I help my clients with, that there’s something about stripping back the noise and baggage we accumulate to reveal the full beauty of what’s already there.

So often we look for answers ‘out there’, and indeed what’s ‘out there’ can sometimes bring new aha’s perspectives and realisations, but ultimately only reveal more of what’s already inside of us.

Of course, the challenge then is how we are able to embrace and accept what we find…

What do you think? If you’ve ever worked with a coach, how will you explain what your coach did?


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