A safe place for those of us with a more introverted preference; a space to be understood, reassured and inspired so you can Stand Sure and Grow Strong in life, in work, in business.


9 Secret Signs that You’re Actually an Introvert

There are lots of myths and misunderstandings about what introverts are like. If you’re not sure if you’re an introvert or not, download our checklist “How to tell if you’re an introvert – 9 secret signs”

I’m Rachel Anderson,  the founder of  Tea & Empathy and a social introvert.


For many years I neither understood nor accepted that I was an introvert – to me that implied I was somehow socially inadequate or shy.

It was only after I burned out after 18 years in a corporate role, trying to be something I was not (an extroverted, lead from the front, high energy leader) and began a journey of self-discovery to repair my damaged confidence that I came to understand that my introversion is simply about how I am re-energised – what nourishes me, and what drains me.

We introverts face some particular challenges in the extrovert-centric world we live in. 


There are important neurological differences between introverts and extroverts; one preference is not better than the other, they are simply different.

Nor is there one standard picture of an introvert – we are all unique individuals, regardless of our preferences. But knowing, accepting and being comfortable with who you are; knowing your strengths and how to leverage them, and turning ‘weakness’ to your advantage is the essence of how to thrive in life, leadership and business.

There are some simple, natural principles we can learn that will help us to overcome our self-doubt, procrastination and overwhelm. I use the metaphor of an oak tree to convey what those principles are.

There’s so much I can share that I’ve learned from my own journey from doubt to certainty, confusion to clarity. And even more that I’ve learned from the incredible clients I’ve worked with. So if this resonates at all, or you are simply curious, I’d love to get started by sharing a free checklist with you.



9 Secret Signs that You’re Actually an Introvert

Join my free, private facebook group ‘Introvert by Nature’. This welcoming community is a place for support; where we can breathe out, embrace our introverted preferences and be ourselves. There’s no hype, just a great place to quietly connect with like-minded people and explore your introversion.

I offer an introductory online course “Turn your Struggle into Strength: the ultimate introvert guide to being your natural self in an extroverted world”. This 8 module multimedia course takes you deeper into my ‘Oak Tree’ principles to show you how to lose the self-doubt, stay energised and focussed, and stay true to yourself by understanding what you need to thrive as an introvert. The course is self-led, but I’ll give you additional support with live Q&As and videos along the way.


My signature online course “Stand Sure, Grow Strong” goes deeper still for those who take their self development seriously, exploring all aspects of the ‘Stand Sure, Grow Strong system’– harnessing your introversion for truer success, building resilience, wisdom and experiencing greater happiness and fulfilment. It encompasses and encapsulates the work I’ve done with hundreds of clients 1-1. This is not a ‘quick fix’; it’s deeper soul work for those who are on a personal development journey.


Get in touch if you have any questions or want to chat through more detail about the programmes. Fill out the form below, or come and find us on the Tea & Empathy Facebook page and Facebook group ‘Introvert by Nature’