personal coaching in york Rachel Anderson

Need a little Tea & Empathy?

Are you frustrated or dissatisfied with what your life, career or relationships seem to offer just now? Sometimes, no matter how outwardly successful you may appear, life just isn’t all it could be.

You may feel that everything could be so much better, that you have so much unfulfilled potential, if only you could make some changes and understand what it is that keeps on getting in your way.

Or maybe, deep down, there’s a voice that whispers to you “perhaps you’re just not good enough”…

Over the last 6 years here at Tea & Empathy Ltd, our professional coach Rachel Anderson has worked with hundreds of people on a one to one basis, helping them to make sustainable changes and thrive in both personal and professional life. With the deep insights from over 1700 individual coaching conversations, she has developed a unique coaching system to help anybody feel confident about themselves and become more happy and thriving in all aspects of life.

If you’re curious to find out more, please explore our site and Rachel’s personal coaching blog.

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