Who Do I Want to Be Next?

by | 22 Mar 2021 | Blog, Change, Coaching

It’s time.

Like the sap rising in the trees, the swelling bird song and the lengthening days, I’m feeling it stirring within me; the momentum for change.

The question “Who do I want to be next?” has kept resurfacing. I have it as one of the 60 curious question cards I send out to the seekers I’m working with, and keep on my desk as internal prompts to self. It’s been the question that keeps tugging at my sleeve, demanding my reluctant attention.

Why the reluctance? Well for one – I prefer my attention here in the present, on who I am NOW.

But as who I am now paves the way for who I will become next, I guess expanding the dimensions of my noticing will bring a richness and thrilling anticipation to the present too.

The other reluctant voice in my head argues You already are who you will be next – just be yourself!” But a deeper wisdom gently replies, 

“Yes, you’ll still be you, but with more unfolded perspective and perception than now, just as the ‘you’ of now has more than the ‘you’ of 10 years ago. You are multi-dimensional, with many parts of self – which you choose to give more attention to, breathes energy into that part – and how you bring attention to the relationships between the different parts determines your self compassion”

And so it begins, as I notice what I’m yearning for, and notice what’s in the way.

I’m beginning to make different choices already – but I want a little more rigour to this process.

Too much structure to my self development feels stifling and constraining. Too little, and I drift.

I want both space and enabling structure – like temporary scaffolding, to enable me to reach heights of inspection and observation I can’t manage on my own.

And I have the perfect tools. I can walk the talk. If what I sell is good enough for my clients, it’s good enough for me. Indeed, I have a new rule of thumb, that if a company doesn’t use its own products, processes and services, then I won’t use them! Companies and people in business I believe should be their own best case study. 

So I’ll use the structure of my online course The ALIVE Programme, combined with the depth, mystery and magic of gaining insight through the senses and metaphor – my “What’s Inside?” programme, and the spacious mirroring, witnessing and gentle challenge of 1:1 coaching.

And I’ll document my journey, just as I’ve started to today. My commitment to self, by being publicly witnessed.

There are tangible things I want to do differently. 

But this isn’t about the ‘doing’. This is about the ‘being’. 

Not what I do, but how I am. 

It’s an inside job, and when what’s inside shifts, the behaviour shifts more easily too – or at least that is what I believe, and what I’ve experienced in the past. We’ll see if it’s true this time too!

If you also want to start down the path of becoming the person you want to be next, let’s share a virtual cuppa as we prepare for the journey?


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