Get To The Root to Stand In Your Beauty

by | 14 Dec 2016 | Change

I have a very dear friend and colleague with whom I speak every week. She is one of the rocks in my personal support system and I hugely value our reflection and sharing time together.

It’s incredible how often there are parallels in our experiences even though we are far apart and very different people.

It can be like holding a mirror up to each other and our sharing helps us to make sense of what we are learning as we go through life.

She shared a story with me yesterday that really moved me – of course I must respect her confidence and her story stays with me, but what I can share is how a tree helped her to make sense of it.

She lives in London, and after her experience she was walking down a road lined with huge and beautiful trees. The roots of these massive trees were so strong they had pushed their way through the pavement.

It struck my friend how the depth and power of these roots was what had allowed these wonderful trees to thrive and become so magnificent.

“I realised in that moment, I must get to the root for me to be able to stand in my beauty,” she said.

The phrase resonated with me at a very deep level.

We so often get so caught with what’s happening for us on the surface, above ground as it were; but it’s what we are rooted in, what happens beneath the surface that determines the strength, resilience and beauty of what’s above.




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