Is Life Too Short for Neat Knickers?

by | 29 Apr 2015 | Change

I’ve had to laugh at myself this week, because after years of pouring scorn on people who have tidy underwear drawers, I’ve now joined their ranks.

“Life is too short to fold my socks!” I used to cry, “I’m not likely to be lying on my death-bed regretfully thinking if only I’d stored my knickers neater”!!

Hmmm, but now my knickers, socks, bras, pjs, t-shirts, jumpers…the lot, are beautifully arrayed in their drawers and have remained that way for over a week (and more importantly after about 8 loads of washing have come and gone).

So what’s changed?

Well don’t get me wrong, neat underwear is still not my top priority in life!

However, I am noticing a shift in some of my underlying attitudes, which is showing up in some behavioural changes. What’s been changing has been a growing desire to reduce the unnecessary and unloved clutter I have, both physically and metaphorically. And as the clutter reduces, I begin to see, appreciate, love and use what remains to a much greater extent.

As I strip away all that’s in the way, the full beauty of my life is revealed.

It shows up everywhere – whether it’s noticing the flowers in the garden, how the sun shines on my youngest daughter’s hair, how spacious and welcoming our house feels, how thoughtful and insightful my husband can be, how the rain brings life and vigour, how reliable and useful our old car is. Right down to the really small and mundane, like noticing the underwear that’s comfortable and makes me feel good (and getting rid of all the rest)!

And now, when I’m putting away the washing, or tidying and cleaning the house, I’m doing it more mindfully, more consciously; taking a moment to appreciate and enjoy the things that I love, that I use and serve their purpose well.

Despite what I may have believed in the past, it doesn’t actually take any more time, but it does make that time spent infinitely more satisfying and enjoyable. And if I encounter ‘stuff’ that I realise I don’t love or use, then it’s time for me to let it go.

So gradually, bit by bit, all my messy drawers and other utility areas of my life are becoming neater, reduced and organised – not from an uptight place because I ‘should’ be tidy, but because I want to notice and appreciate what I have, both inside and out.

In stripping away the ‘clouds’ of my clutter, I more clearly see the ever-present, but sometimes unnoticed, blues skies of happiness.




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