Meet my Friend Procrastination

by | 23 Oct 2017 | Introversion, Procrastination

We’ve a difficult relationship, Procrastination and I.  Mostly that’s because the general consensus seems to be that Procrastination is no good and a bad influence. A kind of lazy ne’er do well who hangs around the bike sheds smoking. The kind of influence my mother always warned me about, and would hurry me past if she saw them on the street, only serving to increase my fascination and curiosity.

Then, if I did hang out with Procrastination, it would be a secret guilty pleasure. Good girl Rachel crying “NO! It’s no good!” Rebel Rachel thinking “But it’s Fun! Much better than that stuffy thing I ought to be doing”.

But despite everyone looking down their noses at it, Procrastination has continued to hang around the bike sheds. So, over the last few years I’ve been trying to suspend my judgement and really get to know Procrastination better. And there’s been no shortage of chances! Turns out, like any ‘dangerous character’, Procrastination is much more complex that it first seemed, and certainly isn’t all bad.

I have to say, this past week Procrastination has proved itself to be a very good friend to me – almost a life saver. Procrastination has been the anti-dote to the pressure to ‘quick, we need to fix this now’, even when we’ve not quite understood what the problem is.

Procrastination has stood strong against lack of clarity. It’s been the champion of holding out for a more systemic approach; the slayer of ‘tick box exercises’; the catalyst for synergy and collaboration. Procrastination has been the voice of reason, making sure that everyone is committed and on-board. Procrastination has led for a thorough job done well, an investment that’s ensured both efficiency and effectiveness. It’s saved time, energy and heartbreak in the long term. I’m proud that Procrastination was my friend this week.

My in-box was groaning with items demanding attention, and people asking me for things. Then it was groaning with reminders because I was holding people up. It was uncomfortable, I felt guilty and started to doubt my value and ability. I filled my time completing the ‘easy stuff’. But that wasn’t all I was doing.

From now on, I’m re-framing my Procrastination as mental ‘composting’. It all piles up, but then it naturally rots down into something much richer and more useful! It just takes time.

I do know that when I have absolute clarity, when my values are aligned, and I can see the wider impact, I am compelled to take action – it flows, its works and it feels good.

So if I’m stuck, there’s a good reason – and that’s why Procrastination is my friend and I do well to listen to them.

Still, even the best of friends can be irritating sometimes and I’d prefer to not to be with Procrastination TOO much – I am an introvert!!

Hey, if your mate Procrastination is hanging around too, why don’t we all get together at my closed Facebook group for introverts?  Procrastination and Facebook are a match made in heaven!


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