So Near, and Yet so Far…

by | 6 Sep 2016 | Change

I’m definitely a big picture person – I too easily get lost and frustrated in the detail, whilst I’m inspired and engaged with the vision.

I’m also an optimist, which is very helpful much of the time, but can also mean that I often bite off more than I can chew; drawn towards the siren call of a beautiful possibility only to flounder on the rocks of mundane technicality.

I have another challenge in that whilst I hate the detail, I find it hard to let go of it because of my perfectionism. What a double bind!

As a consequence many projects I do take WAY longer than I imagine and consume lots of energy.

It’s not the issue it once was though – why?

3 main reasons:

  1. I know this to be true about myself and can accept it with humour and self compassion, rather than frustration and self-criticism
  2. I invest time and money in building the right support network around me to hold me to account, give me encouragement and to do the tasks I neither enjoy nor are good at.
  3. I’m learning to focus on managing my energy, rather than my time to keep me most productive. I know what my minimum requirements are to do good work, and know when and where I feel most awake and focussed, and I’ve created the right physical environment to keep me at my best.

Does this solve everything and make life perfect? Of course not, but it certainly helps.

We all have our ups and downs, we are not ‘constant’ beings.

These three things are what prevent me getting completely stuck when I hit one of the low points, and gives me the momentum to quickly pick speed back up again.

And what about you – what keeps you going when you feel your dream’s just out of reach and you’re wading through treacle?

Let me know – I’d love to hear…




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