Setting Yourself up for Success with New Year Intentions

by | 6 Jan 2015 | Business news, Coaching

The shortest day has passed, Christmas done and dusted, and a sense of ‘back to reality’ begins as the New Year festivities are behind us.

Predictably, my body is feeling the impact of the non-stop food, snacks, alcohol and lack of any meaningful exercise over a full two week period, and although I no longer set New Years Resolutions, I do have an intention to pay more attention to my ageing body in the coming months.

I’m not setting myself up to fail though, no dramatic diets or flurries of gym activity; just a gradual adjustment to my habits and following all the steps I outline in my free e-course “How to Change and Make it Stick”.

It’s not hard to see what adjustments my poor old body would benefit from me making; less sugar (in all its many forms, but in my case especially booze!), more fresh fruit and veg, more movement, more fresh air and deeper breathing, more hydration, good sleep. My prize will be more energy, better overall mood, resilience and general sense of wellbeing.

In addition I really tried to ‘disconnect’ between Christmas and New Year too.

I stopped playing electronic games and went back to reading more books. I didn’t really check or engage with email or Facebook. I sometimes chose to leave my phone at home, and certainly left it alone in my office when I was at home. And I feel so much more rested as a result of cutting out all this ‘noise’.

I hadn’t fully appreciated how much incessant online connection drains my energy – so this is something else I want to pay attention to in these coming days, months, this year.

I want to experience more of REAL life, not virtual life – more time outside, in the garden, on walks, in nature and less time just inside, sitting in the glow of a screen. Again, this is just about gradually changing habits, finding what works for me and building on it (staying playful and experimental, step 5 in my ecourse).

Finally, I have a strong intention to pay more attention to what I already have – to appreciate it and use it. This may be skills, knowledge, possessions, information, support.

I don’t need more, I already have all the resources I need. Less is definitely more.

What are your intentions for change this year? What will you use and build on to achieve them? What help or support might you need, and how will you gauge how far along your journey of change you’ve come?

Let me know, either by commenting here or emailing me direct.


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