Are You Unhappy That You’re Not Happy?

by | 11 Jul 2016 | Change

I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately. No real reason, just a change in my mental weather.

It happens from time to time.

A few years ago I would have felt anxious and worried that I was feeling depressed, wondering what was wrong and if I was about to be sucked into a downward spiral of poor mental health and illness – further feeding my state of mind.

Now I know that my mood and state of mind is changeable, like the weather. It’s not a constant.

I can’t always be ‘sunny’, and I think I now have enough wisdom to realise that I wouldn’t want to be either.

I need both the sun and the rain; the light and the dark; the still and the wind, in order to grow, thrive and be strong. And whether my mental ‘weather’ is sunny or stormy I know it’s just passing and impermanent.

There’s no need to be unhappy or worried that I’m not happy.

But just like I’ll wear a hat and suncream to protect myself in the sun, waterproofs, wellies and an umbrella in the rain, thermals, mitts and ski coat in the snow, I know there are simple things I can do to protect myself (and others) from the full impact of my mental weather.

Here’s my simple checklist:

Remember to :

  • Move
  • Breathe
  • Drink water
  • Eat something nourishing
  • Sleep
  • Get outside
  • Connect with others; and
  • Have quiet space to myself (these last 2 in equal measure)

What’s on your checklist to help you deal with your internal ‘weather’?




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