The Ground Beneath my Feet

The Ground Beneath my Feet

When all seems madness, and the pace is too fast; the noise in my head too loud and too shrill; the tight flutter in my chest caught from anxiety in the air –

it’s time to breathe, deep and slow…

Feel the air in my nose, the life in my veins.

Feel the strength in my legs, the ground beneath my feet.

Claim back my space, lay claim to the pace.

Get out of my head, drop down within

to the place that has wisdom, compassion and peace.

The place that smiles knowingly, as all things shall pass.

The future’s just fantasy, not real in the now.

The past I have filtered, with much I’ve left out.

So be in this moment, feel my feet on the ground,

Just breathe and be slower – and all will be well.


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