I’ve had a couple of really good reminders why coaches have coaches these last couple of weeks.

I’ve been feeling really up and down, and despite all my best ‘self help’ techniques I’ve just not been quite able to re-energise and re-engage myself. I’ve had enough self awareness to understand some of what the triggers are, know that I’ve some beliefs that are getting in the way and know my thinking has been creating the state I’m in.

But I’ve not been able to move it on myself. It’s felt a bit like getting a splinter on the sole of my foot whilst the rest of my leg is in a full length cast – there’s no way I can see it properly, let alone get it out myself!

So against my normal pattern of retreating inwards, I’ve been reaching out.

I’ve been talking to friends and family (comfort, understanding and love), my mindfulness buddy (deep awareness and parallel process), my personal coach (starting deep shifts) and also my new business coach (continuing those shifts and linking back to practical next steps); they’ve all helped me to access more compassion, wisdom, clarity and let go of some of what’s holding me back.

The journey and responsibility is mine, but their help and support is crucial.

A timely reminder that its neither possible, nor desirable to struggle on alone!

What about you? What support systems can you build around you to stop struggling by yourself?