Moving To The Beat Of Your Life vs Fighting The Overwhelm

Moving To The Beat Of Your Life vs Fighting The Overwhelm

The ‘to do’ list has been weighing heavy for a few days now, a nagging sense of guilt and falling behind – slight panic and overwhelm as it mounts up and the fear of dropping a few spinning plates takes up more permanent residence.

But I’m older and wiser than I once was, so today, instead of running around like a headless chicken, I paused, stopped, breathed.

It feels counter-intuitive to begin with, but I’ve come to realise that my effectiveness and success is as much about the ‘not doing’ as the ‘doing’.

There is a beat and a rhythm to life, and the space between the notes and the beat is as much of what makes the tune. In the pause in between I can sense check that my next ‘note’ is the right one, and prepare to play it in the best way.

These days I know better (well, most of the time) than to just get frustrated and blame myself for laziness and procrastination, because that does not credit me for the great bursts of inspiration and energy I can have – I simply need to rest in between; to move between the energy of push and pull, the ebb and flow, the pulse or heartbeat of my life.

And now, relishing and feeling refreshed by a moment of ‘not doing’, I can move with ease back to ‘doing’ – dancing to the music of life – loving it and feeling ALIVE.

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