Why I Don't Make New Year Resolutions

by | 28 Dec 2015 | Change

So, I don’t make New Year Resolutions, instead I set gentler ‘intentions'(something I ‘want’ to do, rather than something I ‘must’ or ‘should’ do).

Looking back on my intentions for 2015, I can see I’ve moved on – I’m ending the year much fitter than I started, having experimented with lots of different things, but finding in the end that ‘indulging’ in using a personal trainer is bringing me results I would never have achieved on my own.

I’ve managed to hold my working pattern boundaries much tighter, which has allowed me more flexibility on where I choose to place my energy and the projects I can take on. In turn this has increased my sense of wellbeing and opened up new possibilities.

I still go through phases of playing electronic games rather than reading, but I have a much better understanding of why I do, and the need it fulfils.

Neither have I managed to be outside as much as I’d intended, so both of these remain as intentions for the coming year.

My significant intention of paying more attention to what I already have, appreciating it and using it has really blossomed however; taking courses both in mindfulness and happiness helped to keep that focus and deepen my awareness. I continue to build that practice, and help others to do the same.

In summary, my intentions (the enablers) for the year to come:

  • See to my own needs first, so I am strong and fit to be of service to others
  • Depth, not breadth in my focus (less is more)
  • Real and tangible over digital or virtual
  • Manage my energy, rather than my time
  • Notice, appreciate and use what I have

Each of these roll up a number of specifics (eg being outside in nature connects to both real and tangible and managing energy), but I don’t want a long list of things to do, I just want to capture the principles of how I want to be; after all, I’m a human being, not a human doing!

I’d love to know about your intentions – let me know?




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