Endings and New Beginnings

by | 4 Jan 2016 | Business news, Coaching

I hope Christmas was all you hoped for, and that you’ve had some time for yourself amidst all the activities, preparations, excitement (and clearing up)?

As we anticipate the New Year, it’s often with a renewed sense of determination and resolve – “Right, this year I really am going to get fit/change jobs/find a partner/move house/write a book/start a business/become happy/get rich*” (*delete as appropriate).

We try to gloss over our lingering guilty sense of shame that we failed in our resolve last year.

By all means set clear positive intentions for the year, but make sure you’re not setting yourself up to fail – don’t pile on another year of guilt and shame.

Remember the steps in my “how to change and make it stick e-course” (click here if you haven’t taken this free course), and make sure you’ve prepared the way for new habits by clearing out the old.

If there are particular themes or issues you’d like support with in bringing in new changes in your life, do let me know what they are as I’ll try to address them through my writing and new courses next year.

I’ll keep it short today, as I’m sure you’ve plenty of better things to do on New Years Eve than read an email, so instead I’d just like to thank you very much for staying connected with me this year and wish you a very very happy 2016!


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