How Finding Peace to Do Your Best Work Impacts On Your Productivity

by | 2 Aug 2016 | Change

As an introvert, there are times when I just feel over-stimulated, and I need to find some peace, quiet, stillness, calm.

If I can’t, I start to feel exhausted and fractured. I can’t think straight or concentrate.

Sometimes I manage to self-soothe a little by going within, but that’s not always an option.

Today’s been one of those days.

I had to drop the car off for its MOT, and it was too far to get back to the sanctuary of my home office.

“Never mind,” I thought to myself “It would be quite nice to work from a coffee shop for a change while I wait”.

How wrong I was!

I realised I’d forgotten my headphones, so couldn’t obliterate the sound of the world around me.

Then I realised it was school holidays, so there was a never-ending stream of people and kids – loud big groups, anxious gossip, clattering cups, lots of perpetual motion, beeping timers and mobile phones.

I managed about an hour before, feeling vulnerable and irritated in equal measure, I left to buy some headphones in the local supermarket and to try a different coffee shop.

And here I am now – a little quieter this time, thanks to my headphones, but in unattractive busy surroundings with the most horrible smell of burnt cheese – and a floor that shakes every time someone walked past. Right now it feels as if all my senses had just been rubbed raw.

I’ve never thought of myself as a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP), I just thought I was a grumpy introvert, but today I’m wondering…and craving peace and stillness.




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