What I Take For Granted (but I Shouldn't!)

by | 29 Jun 2015 | Happiness

I mentioned in my last post about our little visitor Valya making me see my life afresh, and today I wanted to acknowledge just some of those things I’ve noticed again that normally I take for granted:

I’m grateful I live in a community full of caring thoughtful people and who try to give of their best.

I’m grateful for the beauty and health of the environment I live in (indoors and out).

Grateful for a house full of space, light, warmth and comfort.

Grateful for clothes that have both function and help me feel good.

Grateful for my privacy and dignity.

Grateful for ready access to whatever resources I need.

Grateful to be able to choose a healthy, tasty, nutritious diet – and even more grateful that it’s often my hubby that organises food and cooks!

Grateful I am able to express myself freely, and be understood.

Grateful to have enough financial security to be able to deal with whatever comes up (even if it means juggling money around later).

Grateful for my own health – a strong resilient functioning body I NEVER normally appreciate enough.

Grateful for having hot and cold running water, steady, reliable electricity supply, fuel and transportation.

SO grateful for my beautiful garden full of flowers, herbs and veg and the birds and insects that thrive in it.

Grateful to my parents and siblings for the loving secure childhood I had.

Grateful that as a child I could BE a child and not shoulder too much responsibility too soon.

And most of all I’m hugely grateful and appreciative of my own loving family; the strength of the bond and trust between us, the love, laughter, joy, care and respect that allows us each to be the best version of ourselves, growing and thriving in each other’s company.

And lastly, grateful to little Valya to opening my eyes to what I have…


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