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Good coaching is like a mirror

In all the busy-ness, demands and complexity of life, we need small oasis moments; the space to pause, breathe, reflect, make sense and rise beyond the noise in our heads.

And, you can’t see the end of your nose, or the back of your head without a mirror. And that’s what good coaching is – a mirror to help you see and understand, and have new perspective.

You might just need a one-off session to work through a particular situation. Or, more powerfully a full journey of 6 sessions over 6 months to allow you to go deeper, and build a profound new perspective and self discovery.

And I have no agenda, other than holding deep, safe space for you and your development.

Rachel Anderson

Coaching is often the one place where you can bring the entirety of you – where you can be an integrated whole, not split into work, home, partner, parent, colleague, past, future – whatever ‘part’ or labels may apply.

You are not broken and don’t need fixing, but you do need a space of unconditional positive regard and non-judgement in order to be able to bring the real you.

I’m a professionally qualified coach, and adhere to the ICF code of ethics. I’ve coached over a thousand people 1:1 now.

Check out my testimonials (both here on the website, and on LinkedIn) to have the sense of the impact I’ve had on my clients.

There are gazillions of coaches out there now. It can feel a minefield to know who to choose, so trust your gut!

And book a call to speak with me and see if we connect.


“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel as a breath of fresh air. Her wholehearted way of being is a tonic for the soul, and her ease and care, combined with her wisdom and insights, make for powerful conversations. I’ve gained both more “heart” and backbone as a result, for which I am very grateful! Would most definitely recommend!”

Diane Tricker

“Rachel brings a wisdom and depth to coaching interactions that is truly impressive. If you are looking for a quick fix, 5 top tips or a few sticking plaster approaches then she is not the coach for you. If you are looking for a deep, compassionate and joyful exploration of where you are, who you want to be and reflect on how you chose to get there then she is definitely the coach for you. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Karen Muir

“Rachel is a gifted and intuitive coach. She has the capacity to see and read those she encounters in such a way that it brings out the best in you. I was blessed to have been coached by her. She is inherently empowering and knows just what to do to unlock your potential. She doesn’t shy away from challenge or complexity, but embraces difficulty head on, choosing instead to see it for the gift it truly is. Rachel is forever sprinkling joy into everything she does. You feel lighter for just being around her. If you truly want to experience impactful, life-giving, transformative coaching, Rachel is your person. With her, you can’t help but grow.”

Emily Lawrence

“I found the time with Rachel extremely valuable.  It offered me the opportunity to pause, take stock and re-evaluate.  It was also a chance to reflect on the positives, to acknowledge how I had progressed and celebrate my achievements. It has increased my self-awareness, my acceptance of self-worth and has given me tools to reflect on past experiences as well as future visioning to help me shape my personal journey”

Nicola Mayling

“The coaching support Rachel provided has been transformational.  It helped that I was ready for this exploration, however if Rachel had not been so skilful I may not have been so open or noticed so many things.  I quickly trusted her and found my time with her invaluable, insightful and non-judgemental. Having the focus of regular calls worked for me. Rachel was able to tune in and play back effectively.  Things she noticed really helped me and I felt extremely comfortable being completely open with her.”

Clare Murchison

“I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.”

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire

“Astonishing empathy, twinned with superb listening, questioning and coaching mastery. Rachel’s ability to – gently and with great care – challenge, provoke and guide made my coaching experience both deeply helpful and far better than I expected. I would, and will, recommend her very happily.”

David Haines

“Just one session with Rachel’s calm wisdom gave me an abundance of insight and massive enlightenment. She enabled me to see the areas where I stand in my own way, and to move away from that weaker version of myself with compassion. She uncovered some complexities and layers of my character that I’d never acknowledged – ones that I can now fully embrace, and call upon when I need to. 

I’m so grateful for Rachel’s amazing depth of perception and her willingness to create a safe and non-judgemental space to explore intricacies in my personality that I’d never known were there.”

Vicky Etherington

A unique experience and very valuable inputs. Rachel condensed “key words” and guidance during our discussions in an amazing way. I felt full openness and trust in her and I’m so grateful for the great experience, inspiration and challenges (in the good way:) The biggest value for me is getting “in peace” with myself, gaining more confidence and harmony/balance for me which I strongly believe will be felt/shared with the team

Zoya Chechulina

Our Unique Approach: Radical Self-Acceptance

At Tea & Empathy we’re far from the standard goals-based coaching. Our 1:1 life coaching is so much more than that. It is a movement, a way of being, all wrapped up in a journey of growth that’s totally unique to YOU. The exact opposite of whatever the chattering quick-fix gurus are offering this week.

Self-improvement as a process of constant transformation and overcoming weaknesses only perpetuates the belief that we are somehow not enough as we are…

We strive to redefine personal development through radical self-acceptance, an approach that embraces self-empathy and a profound understanding of ourselves.

We don’t demand change, we encourage growth. We examine and questioning underlying beliefs to reveal their impact. We help you understand the stories you tell yourself to determine if they’re benefiting or harming you. No right or wrong, good or bad; only what helps and what doesn’t!

Personal development is not about becoming someone else; it’s about deepening your understanding and acceptance of who you already are.

“When you have accepted yourself, there’s a *feeling* that goes with it. A relief, a release. An ability to be able to just *accept*. I haven’t found the words to describe it, but my mission is to make people feel it. The letting-go of a lifetime’s accumulation of negative stories is a spectacular process.”

– Rachel Anderson

Virtual 1:1 life coaching, available as one-off sessions
or an ongoing support package of 6.

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1:1 Coaching

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