Be Strong, Not Tough

Every now and then in my executive coaching or workshops I hear someone describe some really unpleasant, fear based management practices. And some managers who take this kind of style and approach complain that people are too sensitive and should ‘toughen up’. Now, as...

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What Can You Do When Change Is Forced On You?

I made my daughters proud last week, which in turn makes me feel proud! Their school has been forced into special measures and is being very quickly taken over by a Multi Academy Trust. This has made me very angry, because whatever the Ofsted report may say, it is a...

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How To Network Like An Introvert

When I ditched employment and set up my writing business a year ago, it was after years of dithering about it. Lots of false starts spending my evenings dreaming, then sleepless nights unpicking every single element of my plans, telling myself why it wouldn’t work....

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This Is Me: Why Self-Acceptance Matters

I'm done with worrying about whether I'm good enough. I'm realising just how much energy I waste trying to be...well, I'm not even sure what it is I've spent years trying to be! It's in-built with so many of us from an early age that we seek approval, like to be...

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Why It Pays To Listen To Your Gut

I wrote about being really angry when things went wrong for me in this blog last week. Having got over it now, and being able to re-channel my anger into something more productive, on reflection it's very clear to me now that it was myself I was angry with. All the...

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