I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.

Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire

Rachel has great listening skills, and is able to get right to the nub of the issue quickly. This has enabled me to get great value from the 3 sessions that we set up. Each one had real value and for different reasons. I have found a deeper level of understanding about how I can maximise my strengths and move forward in a way that is authentic for me.

Prefer to stay anon

I found the time with Rachel extremely valuable.  It offered me the opportunity to pause, take stock and re-evaluate.  It was also a chance to reflect on the positives, to acknowledge how I had progressed and celebrate my achievements. It has increased my self-awareness, my acceptance of self worth and has given me tools to reflect on past experiences as well as future visioning to help me shape my personal journey.

Nicola M

Rachel Anderson made a significant difference to my leadership development journey. It was such a great pleasure to work with her. I was able to find my purpose, to re-build my self-confidence, and to re-position my leadership in the organization.

Prefer to stay anon

The coaching support Rachel provided has been transformational.  It helped that I was ready for this exploration, however if Rachel had not been so skilful I may not have been so open or noticed so many things.  I quickly trusted her and found my time with her invaluable, insightful and non-judgemental. Having the focus of regular calls worked for me. Rachel was able to tune in and play back effectively.  Things she noticed really helped me and I felt extremely comfortable being completely open with her.

Clare M

A unique experience and very valuable inputs. My coach (Rachel) in an amazing way condensed “key words” and guidance during our discussions. I felt full openness and trust in her and I’m so grateful for the great experience, inspiration and challenges (in the good way:) The biggest value for me is getting “in peace” with myself, gaining more confidence and harmony/balance for me which i strongly believe will be felt/shared with the team.

Prefer to stay anon