I found the coaching calls extremely beneficial – they really help focus on the key actions. Identification of triggers and highlighting when I was making assumptions/judging helped me see how to take things forward. Rachel helped me to focus on the salient points and see what I had missed and the coaching calls have been great to help me remind myself that I achieve a lot!

~ Sandra C

10 out of 10, definitely recommended. I did what we discussed and now I’ve now got my new job in training, and also a big bonus – my new Merc SLC 200 Convertible. I am over the moon!
~ Beverley Bilton, training manager, Miltek Recycling

I’m so glad I trusted the feeling that told me, amongst a roomful of coaches, that Rachel was the one to work with. She is calm, direct and intuitive and always helps me to reset my focus. At one point I thought I couldn’t afford to work with her, now I know that I can’t afford not to.

~ Jenny Chambers, Oxfordshire

First and foremost I want to thank Rachel most sincerely for the time we have spent together, and to say I would highly recommend her.I did a lot of research before choosing T&E, I really felt drawn to Rachel on visiting the site and contacted her feeling she was someone on the same wavelength as I.  Without going in to personal detail I was in a very difficult place when I contacted her, I needed to make some major life decisions and despite spending the past few years helping others to do this I just couldn’t seem to move forward for myself.  I hope Rachel would agree that there was instant rapport between us which I believe is a direct result of her approach and style.  She quickly recognised that I needed a flexible approach and with great empathy managed to get to the root of my situation.  From the very first session she sent me away with practical things I could do to manage my feelings and emotions.  This was particularly important to me at the time with some of the situations I was facing.  I looked forward to our sessions during a time when I felt anxious and unhappy, I always came away feeling motivated and with my spirits lifted.  With the help of Rachel I have made the changes that needed to be made and realise it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  I found Rachel to be utterly selfless with both her time and knowledge, she has been I huge source of inspiration and I am now in the process of creating my own business.  If I had not found Rachel I am sure that I would not be at the stage I am today which has me feeling positively about the future and excited about where it will go.  Once again I would highly recommend Rachel.

~ Michaela Oldfield, Professional Development Mgr, North Yorkshire

Thoroughly professional, listening with real understanding.

~ JG, Yorkshire

Rachel helped me to see what was important to me and that those things could be applied to different areas of my life. I’m in a better position to understand my own needs and what I need in terms of balance in my life. Thank you!

~ Sarah T, North Yorkshire

Life coaching – It’s a surprise to find it works for me!  I did know what I wanted to do but I wasn’t doing it.  I was letting so many reasons hold me back.  Making my brain change it’s habit of putting things in the way meant realising how important that one thing really is to me.  Life coaching is a channeling experience.  You look inside yourself to see what you really want and stop the grey matter from talking you out of it.Rachel was a good listener and very quickly able to identify the process of change needed.   She had a clear knowledge and understanding.  To my mind, action is better than words and I did feel that things changed in a positive way for me on that day.

~ LP, North Yorkshire

Fantastic sessions that made me realise that although I had climbed the career mountain that I wanted, I just did not like the view and it was okay to look for another mountain to start climbing.

~ Tracy Shand, North Yorkshire

I would like to thank Rachel for helping me out of my comfort zone, she enabled me to create a CV I’m very proud, supported me in my moments of doubt and gave me great confidence in myself and my knowledge to progress to new levels. Rachel’s way of coaching is very open, insightful and supporting. I have been able to identify the areas which are very important to me, which I was not aware of before.I was really happy with the email correspondence in between the sessions as that gave me someone to turn to when things happened, making my “picture” cv was great fun and showed me what was important to me.Thank you Rachel.

~ Nanouschka De Wilde, CSC Operations Coordinator

It has retaught me the importance of work-life balance and I’m much calmer and re-energised as a result.

~ Jo H

personal growth coaching - life coaching

I found the coach calls challenging and questioning of my behaviours, also inspiring with ideas.

~Michael P

Rachel, I wanted to update you on how things are following our coaching: Great is a good word! I’m really enjoying my new role and not having the stress. I’ve a great relationship with my new boss and colleagues. I’ve also moved house into a barn conversion, which was in my 5 year plan. So from a foul year to a more contented future – your advice on exit strategy was the key to unravel the mess. Thanks once again

~ Jude W, North West

Fantastic coach, really useful learnings.

~ Philip T

I found myself talking about what I wanted to do differently and through the coaching calls realised that I was actually closer to achieving this than I thought.

~ Gordon Clarke, Regional Transport Manager

change coaching - coaching systemI was at a point in life where things were ticking along but nothing was really happening. It was like treading water, everything was ok but nothing was great. When I worked with Rachel she helped me to realise what it was that had been holding me back for my entire life and after we had got to the root of the problem she supported me while we tackled everything that was holding me back through some processes and boy, has my life changed! I am now happier in my relationships than I have been for a long time, not just with my partner but my friends, family and work colleagues as well. I am also in process of setting up a new business and within 2 days of working with Rachel had my first client on the books – this was something I never even could of imagined myself doing before. I am also setting up with a partner to do speaking and training workshops. If you are even still reading this then you should work with Rachel. I will never be able to thank her enough for helping to change my life so dramatically.

~ Jeanine Buckley

My sessions helped me focus on what was happening in my life rather than the things around me. I have identified me and looked at my life in a different way, which has contributed to changes that needed to happen to get me back on track. Thank you

~ Karen, North Yorkshire

The coaching helped me refocus and reapply ideas I had put to one side in the daily firefights.

~ Steve C

Rachel always seemed to know when I was having a crisis in confidence and gently encouraged and supported me to step out my comfort zone.  Although I realise my success is ultimately down to me, it was quicker and easier having her there.

~ Liz Morrison, Development Advisor, Edinburgh

Generous contribution of time, professionalism, caring approach and helpful and positive insights.

~ Louise, York

I found the coach calls to be a real inspiration for me. The learnings have given me a more balanced approach to everything I do each day and have really made me understand and appreciate the influence I can make to the success of how I manage my business

~ Robert Mutch, Coventry

As a professional pharmaceutical sales person, I have read many books on behaviour, both individual and organisational.  Even though I could recognise my own characteristics and behaviours and those of others, I have never been given the tools with which to make improvements and changes.  Rachel has given me several tools that I have already implemented to good effect in my professional life.  These sessions have given me a totally practical programme with which to improve my day to day life on many levels.

~ Karen N, Yorkshire

Before the sessions I felt frustrated, slightly angry and felt that no one was listening to what I was saying… now I am totally changed … the coaching that I was given helped me realise I was doing things wrong , and the way I put things across to people. Listening to Rachel  and the ideas she gave me helped me to turn things around ..it was just listening and taking things on board that has made the difference.. it is down to each individual how they deal with this and I for one used it to my advantage. I would recommend T&E coaching to other people… highly professional  service with the right outcome at the end

~ Steve Powell, Dennis Distribution

Rachel, can’t thank you enough for the changes you have helped me to make. I am now happy and more confident about being successful in any business I choose to begin. The turn around in the last few months has been amazing and I am now enjoying being in business. I now know I was just in the wrong business not that I was wrong for business.

~ Elaine, North Yorkshire

I found Rachel to be focused and engaged in helping me with important decisions and life-changing events. She seems to ‘hit the spot’ every time we discuss issues and I usually leave sensing that I have aquired a ‘light bulb’ to help me towards my decisions and life path.
Rachel has been very adaptable and has guided me on personal and professional matters with the same attention and direct but caring approach. I feel that I can trust her and talk easily, expect a good understanding and sometimes humorous feedback!

~ Synnie H

With over 10 years experience of being a professional coach myself, I came to Rachel with confidence in the process, but completely mystified as to what the outcome might be. The issue was “mid-life crisis” requiring a new direction to lift me out of a lethargic dead-end.Rachel very effectively helped me to strip away the options/diversions I was toying with and this left me to focus on the central issue that needed to be embraced.Big changes are already underway and I feel more focussed and optimistic than I have done in years.Thanks, Rachel!

~ Roy, Coach and Facilitator, North Yorkshire